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Ubytování se nám velmi líbilo. Prostorný, čistý apartmán se vším podstatným vybavením. Oceňuji rovněž i klid a pěkné okolní prostředí. Určitě jsme u vás nebyli naposledy.

Vít Ryška
Dates of stay: 15.-17.9.2017

Ubytovani bylo moc pekne a stylove. Komunikace majitele i jeho syna a snachy byla velmi napomocna a vstricna.
Jediny zadrhel byla nefunkcni pracka (s malym miminkem to byl vetsi problem, nez za normalnich okolnosti). Navic se pry pracka ani mycka nepouziva, avkoliv je inzerovano. Doporucuji bud oboji odstranit z inzeratu i apartmanu nebo uvest do funkcniho stavu. Predejde se tak zbytecnym ocekavanim a nedorozumenim.
V apartmanu byla take kamna na drevo, moznost je pouzit by byla obrovskym bonusem.
Radi se nekdy vratime!

Lenka Syruckova
Dates of stay: 5.-12.8

Děkujeme poskytovatelům za velmi příjemný pobyt. Ubytování je čisté, vkusně vybavené, v pěkném prostředí s udržovanou zahradou, dětským koutkem a ohništěm. Rádi doporučujeme dalším hostům.

Maria Králová
Dates of stay: 29.7.-5.8. 2017

Moc se nám na Olšíně líbílo, krásná příroda v okolí hodně zážitků. Ubytování příjemné prostředí. Děkujeme

Renata Krejčová
Dates of stay: 22.7 - 29.7.17

Five star class accommodation - facility, equipment, and location - all excellent. The building itself is very nice, in beautiful surroundings. Thank you, you will hear from us again.

Kateřina Pešanová
Dates of stay: 19. - 26.7.2014

Ap. No 2. Accommodation - spacious, peaceful and with pretty views. The immediate surroundings perfect - sand beach + children playground near Olšina, possibility of a boat rental, a train stop for Krumlov or Nové údolí. Lipno area, that is a classic. We were completely satisfied.

Tomáš Hofman
Dates of stay: 21.6.-28.6. 2014

We really liked the accommodation. The rooms look even better than in the pictures. Also the lady owner was very pleasant and helpful. I am sure we will return.

Lucie Martinková
Dates of stay: 17.5.-19.5. 2014

Hello. We spent an amazing weekend in Olšinská stodola apartments. Regarding the appearance, equipment and quality of the apartments, we give 10 points out of 10. Very nicely decorated, kitchen equipped with everything you need, access to the terrace through the balcony door, bicycle storage room, everything as it should be. Very good sleeping on quality mattresses. The location is excellent for hiking - radius of about 20 km around the Olšina pond, or for cycling - radius of 30-100 km according to abilities. In the vicinity of a large plot of land, nature all around, so not disturbing anyone. The lower apartments have a fireplace - you need to buy wood. Grill is available, you must bring your own charcoal or briquettes. The only information that I missed was that towels are not included in the rent - it is necessary to bring your own, I personally would add it to the website.


Ondřej Šimeček
Dates of stay: 23.05.-25.05.2014

A very beautiful apartment and surroundings, the owner very helpful, I recommend!

František veselý
Dates of stay: 10.-17.8.2013

Hello, I wanted to thank you for the relaxing stay at your Olsina cottage (22.5-26.5). It is really pretty, at least as pretty as in the photos on the web. We were all satisfied and definitely can recommend your apartments to our friends. I would have one complaint, or rather, information: This year you are not allowed to fish in the Olsina pond. One of my friends was counting on it and he was a little bit disappointed.

Martin Holubec
Dates of stay: 22.5.-26.5. 2013

We were very satisfied with the accommodation. Everything looked like on your website. Really very pretty, pleasant accommodation. I would have one comment though. It is about the level of security for the bicycles in the outdoor shed. I admit that I consider such security very weak. Nevertheless, in our case nothing unpleasant happened, so once again, thank you for the accommodation, for your helpful approach about the additional accommodating of our daughter and son-in-law and we definitely recommend this accommodation.


Petr Holuša
Dates of stay: 18.8.-25.8.

We were very satisfied with the accommodation. Both the photos and the description correspond with the reality, the apartment is clean, spacious, conveniently and nicely furnished. Visitors from upstairs and downstairsapartment do not disturb each other, each having their own entry from a different side of the house with a possibility of a pleasant outdoor sitting. The surroundings are beautiful, quiet, without much tourist commotion. One more time, thanks to the very nice lady owner. We highly recommend the stay at Olsinska Stodola.

Andrea Kalivodová
Dates of stay: 21.7.-28.7. 2012

I would like to add a very positive evaluation. We were more than satisfied with our stay, ... luxurious facility, splendid location, pleasant communication, ... what else can I say, ... You could say regarding to the location PARADISE ON EARTH :-). We highly recommend this secluded accommodation. Greetings, Jelenovi and company.

Lenka Jelenová
Dates of stay: 30.6.-7.7. 2012

We were maximally satisfied with the quality of accommodation, provided services and above all surrounding countryside. A perfect place where you forget about your work business and the bustle of the city. The location of the Stodola is one where you can unwind.

Ján Brhel
Dates of stay: 7.-10.6.2012

Very nice accommodation, peace and quiet, a beautiful countryside. I recommend it to all.

Dagmar Božovská
Dates of stay: 17.9 - 24.9. 2011

We were more than satisfied with the accommodation. A very nicely furnished apartment. Beautiful surroundings. The only practical detail that we would add – a clothes horse, especially in the summer for towels. Nevertheless, I express a maximum satisfaction...

Andrea Grendová
Dates of stay: 20.08.-27.08.

We spent a very pleasant holiday in Olsinska Stodola apartment. It is very tastefully furnished, the photographs correspond with the reality. Miraculous peace and a beautiful countryside around, we will definitely come back.

Blanka Týblová
Dates of stay: 13.8. - 20.8.2011

We have just come back from our stay at Olsinska Stodola. We were really excited and satisfied... We LOVED the accommodation and missed nothing. We believe that we will come back sometimes again. We will recommend the accommodation to our friends. Have a great time and once again, thank you.

Dates of stay: 06.-13.8. 2011

Beautiful, peaceful place, nicely and conveniently furnished apartments (keeping children in mind). Breakfast on a terrace overlooking the green is just perfect. We really enjoyed our stay and are looking forward to our next visit.

Dates of stay: 05/2011

We were very satisfied with the OLSINSKA STODOLA apartments, our "EXPEDITION HEN PARTY" (7 women and 3 children). Photo-gallery and descriptions on the website are true. The apartments are perfectly furnished and equipped and are very clean. The surrounding countryside is wonderful. The communication with the owners was excellent. I recommend it to all. :)

Štěpánka Krejzová
Dates of stay: 09-16.07.2011

We had a chance to stay in the apartment on the first floor, which absolutely met our expectations and was very nicely equipped. The location of the property is absolutely idyllic in a romantic landscape without all the hustle of civilization while within a reasonable distance from the shopping and sports centre. The service including welcome freebies in the form of homemade jam from the Kittle family was perfectly fine. I highly recommend this stay.

Marek Haspra
Dates of stay: 13.-17.3. 2011

Hello, on behalf of me and my family - absolute satisfaction. We were only sorry we did not manage to have a chat with Mrs Kittle.

Ing. Martin Foltýn
Dates of stay: 13.-17.3. 2011

Our family was very happy with the Olsinska Stodola apartments. The description and photographs on the website correspond with the reality. Apartments are almost new and very clean. The surrounding countryside is beautiful. And the service from the side of the ownersis excellent. I recommend it to all.

Ondřej Kunc
Dates of stay: 19.2. - 26.2.2011

We definitely recommend! The apartments, surroundings, complete satisfaction. We started our stay in both apartments, there was no TV there yet and it was amazing. Our recommendation is, more holidays without TV. The apartments are very nicely furnished and everyone can feel at home there. The surrounding area is ideal for trips by bicycle or on foot. And the peace and quiet... The proof of this all is that this year we are coming back to these apartments!

Jana Bartůňková
Dates of stay: červenec 2010

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